9 June 2014

Emma the chihuahua

Illustrations for a commissioned picture book.

Sample artwork for Motor-Mix

Fonic's new logo

Work on Fonic's new logo to coincide with the relaunch of their website and swanky new studios.

Buzz cat

Development of Buzz Cat (from Buzz magazine)'s new look as the magazine gets translated into an app.

Pfizer animation assets and storyboards

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

I really enjoyed getting to do a whole month's worth of illustrations for Dove's campaign for Real Beauty in January. My favourite commission was illustrating how the perception of the ideal body shape has altered dramatically through the ages.

Stagecoach stories set in sunny Skegness

Illustrations from a series of three books exploring the adventures of the highly decorated Stagecoach open top buses in Skegness. Made me want to go there!

Gus and the Super Veg

Pages from a picture book written by Samina Younis, using watercolour and pencil.

Kimberly-Clark germ heroes

Goodie and baddie germs!