13 November 2012

Kimberly Clark superheroes

These are the initial character designs for Kimberly Clark's Hand wash heroes campaign.

They went for 'number one' designs, but with multi coloured outfits. Below are the finished designs and a poster illustrating how to properly (and very thoroughly!) wash hands.

I loved doing this job, and am very excited to see the characters out and about.

Mural for a nursery

This was a 2-day mural I did for a brand new baby's nursery- I'll try and get a picture with all the furniture in. On top is the visual I did to show the client what I had in mind. I loved getting my brushes out and the chance to do some large-scale painting again.

Samsung explosions!

I created these explosive-style illustrations for a new Samsung project.

Children's Trust Wilderness appeal

I created this watercolour map for the Children's Trust Wilderness appeal, http://www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk/page.asp?section=1834&sectionTitle=Wilderness+Appeal

The map is part of an appeal to help make a presently unused area of the Tadworth site fully accessible and exciting to explore.

I am doing several projects with the Children's Trust at the moment, and have had to visit the amazing site in Tadworth several times and am bowled over by the work they do there and the brilliant facilities and staff I have met.

Samsung User Journeys

I was commissioned to illustrate and design a series of 'User Journeys' for Samsung, showing how their new range of online services can be used in the classroom.

My first Infographic!

I really enjoyed creating this infographic, which reveals opinions about careers advice and work experience in education, researched by EdComs.

Icons for EDF energy

BP Young Science Investigators

I created some new characters, backgrounds and assets for the latest BP YSI animations, (http://bpes.bp.com/) which has had some great reviews. Here's one from Planet Science, http://www.planet-science.com/categories/parentsteachers/science-resources/2011/02/young-science-investigators

Casey the Carbon Atom

I created a power point presentation for EDF energy, which will be a downloadable resource for schools, called 'Casey the Carbon Atom'. It aims to explain how carbon atoms were created, and how they can end up being eaten by you- I learnt quite a lot of new science facts from it!

Asda pitch

I created this visual for EdComs for a pitch to Asda for their 'Community Life' scheme. It had to be done in speedy-fast time, which is my favourite way to work!

Cow cartoons

I did these cow characters for makingitanywhere.com, a great website about working remotely from anywhere in the world.

5 August 2012

Michele portrait (acrylic)

NSPCC 'Guy's story' storyboards

These are the finished assets for the NSPCC animation, 'Guy's Story'.

Brazilian website homepage illustration

'Tramp and the magical Kingdom' illustration

Atar Financial illustrations

Illustrations for Atar's website, describing financial services. www.atarfinancial.com/

Breve Rencontre Poster 2012

A French film festival celebrating British films. http://www.britishfilms-montesquieu.co.uk/

Baby zodiac symbols

Designs for a website offering zodiac themed baby announcement cards.

Inside card visual

Make-a-cake-card idea

The Owl and the Pussy Cat (greeting card idea)

...And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon, the moon, the moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.

Meerkat pitch

Acrylic sample for a e-book. I love getting the chance to get my paints out!

8 June 2012

Surrey Comet and Kingston Guardian front page

I designed this royal related image for the front page of the Surrey Comet and Kingston Guardian for their Jubilee souvenir issues. Bunting of course had to feature!