22 July 2013

bibT's website is up and running!

I am very excited to present bibTs, wipe-able tops that keep your little ones squeaky-clean all day.

This project has been through a few years of development, and now the product is finally ready to present to shops... eek.

I've designed a quick website, which I will develop further, and have done a photo shoot to show some bibTs in action.

Now we've just got to get it out there and hope people want them! Please check out the website, any comments gratefully received!


BP Young Science Investigators

More BP YSI animation assets and backgrounds set in the world of Beepy, Kali and Luke.

Children's Summer Activity Poster

A fun job with a quick turn-around.


I created a safety awareness poster to help guide adults what to teach their children to do if they get lost.

The superhero began as a traditional man, but the client wanted something a bit more unusual and to match their apple-themed logo, so Super-Apple was born!

Maxfactor make-up tips

I did a series of Maxfactor make-up tutorials for editorial use and for in-store promotions. I always find it really fun to draw faces.

Barclaycard British Summertime Festival signage

I created lots of the signage for the British Summertime Festival, which included The Rolling Stones, Elton John and Bon Jovi.

13 May 2013

Face shapes

These sketches are for glassesdirect.com, to help people determine which style of glasses will suit them.

Baby says "Ball!" revised artwork

I have a New York agent for my picture book proposal! Woohoo!
(Dystel & Goderich Literary Management, http://www.dystel.com)

Fairy Liquid campaign visuals

Miss Daisy Events van design

This was job had a really quick turn around. A few days after I got the commission, the design had already been printed onto vans, which will be heading to music festivals this summer. The vans will then turn into market stalls selling camping gear. 

Eve and Rosie portrait commission

I love doing portraits! What a lovely opportunity to get my paints out and capture this moment between two beautiful, young sisters.

Fantasy Map Commission

5 February 2013

Baby says "Ball!"

Sample artwork for a preschool picture book proposal.

The tooth fairy who was afraid of the dark

Sample artwork for a picture book proposal

Card designs for Premurosa (an online card and gift company)


Dodgy Brokers character and website design

Food illustrations

Illustrations to go on packaging for a new luxury frozen yoghurt range.