8 July 2010

Walkabout TV

Storyboards for Walkabout TV, January 2010.

The Children's Society

Designs and illustrations for 'Jake's Story', (July 2010) an online storyboard, activities and worksheet exploring domestic violence on the Children's Society' website for kids, http://www.mylife4schools.org.uk/

The Red Cross

Illustrations for 'The Red Cross' first aid website for children, May 2010. www.redcross.org.uk

Dettol Illustration

This was for 'Dettol' in June 2010, to illustrate some research they did into how parents' fear of germs affected how they let their children play in the 1970s, in the present day and in the future.

'My Money' Stickers

I designed a range of stickers for PFEG's 'My Money' in June 2010.


These are illustrations for BP YSI online animated science investigations,
completed in March 2010. They can be viewed at www.bp.com